Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Pictures

My students as they prepare to sing the N.C. State Fight song!

Lucy, Me, and DeAnna showing off our "wolf hands"
Some of the girls waiting outside of the school

One of many stray, sad cats sleeping in the window sill of the stairway window in our building.

I walked about 3 to 4 days a week with these girls.

The bus we rode to the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery near Lodeynoye Pole, Russia

Bus trip to Alexander-Svirsky Monastery

Entrance to the Monastery

Russian Orthodox Cross

Russian Orthodox Priest talking to a Russian Lady at the Monastery

Tatyana and me. She is the "Director" of the School, which is the same as an administrator or principal.
I'm filling up my cup with the water. They say it Holy Water. It is VERY cold and everyone fills up their bottles and drinks it. Tastes like regular tap water to me. But at least we didn't have to BOIL it for 10 minutes!
Holy Water well inside this building

Students and me in the Monastery

Inside the Monastery

Alexander-Svirsky Monastery near Lodeynoye Pole, Russia

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy all the photo's , The Salvation Army had been working in Russia for some years now,Helping People there in Russia !!!! Ricky Meeks