Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Pictures

My students as they prepare to sing the N.C. State Fight song!

Lucy, Me, and DeAnna showing off our "wolf hands"
Some of the girls waiting outside of the school

One of many stray, sad cats sleeping in the window sill of the stairway window in our building.

I walked about 3 to 4 days a week with these girls.

The bus we rode to the Alexander-Svirsky Monastery near Lodeynoye Pole, Russia

Bus trip to Alexander-Svirsky Monastery

Entrance to the Monastery

Russian Orthodox Cross

Russian Orthodox Priest talking to a Russian Lady at the Monastery

Tatyana and me. She is the "Director" of the School, which is the same as an administrator or principal.
I'm filling up my cup with the water. They say it Holy Water. It is VERY cold and everyone fills up their bottles and drinks it. Tastes like regular tap water to me. But at least we didn't have to BOIL it for 10 minutes!
Holy Water well inside this building

Students and me in the Monastery

Inside the Monastery

Alexander-Svirsky Monastery near Lodeynoye Pole, Russia

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Less than Two weeks in Russia

We have limited time in the lab today, so I can only put a few pictures up! I'll try to do more later. Love you!


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

In Need of Prayers!

Outside our flat at 10:30 pm - that's night time!
One of my lessons. They had to design a brochure/flyer
Another lesson with the beginning class on weather
Another thing I thought I'd never see together! The Russian and American flag... and it's beautiful!

Spectators at the soccer/football game
My students learing how to read a Beaufort County Map!
Students reading a map of Daytona Beach. They had fun translating the words!
So how the Russians know how to successfully navigate around Washington and Beaufort County, NC :-) By the way, that is Seirgei and Egor
Hard at work in my classroom. They are reading recipes from the Mayflower seafood restaurant.

That water is COLD!!!!! But wouldn't you expect Russian water to be cold?

Vica and Lucy - 2 of our students - with Aimee and me at the Svir River
Russian cruise ship
Russian men out for a swim. They tried to get us to join them!

Chris and Austin playing soccer with the guys. But they call it 'football'. Chris is in the navy tshirt, and Austin beside him in red - both are jumping.

toilet to use at the reception.

We have amazing bladder control

These are desserts. It's a type of creamy cheesy curd or something like that.

Did you EVER think you would see a 'sign of the fish' on the back of a Russian car?!?!? God is GREAT!
I had the courage and strength to approach some students at school and 'talk' to them about why we really came. They brought cake and came to our flat to talk and discuss!! Then we went for a walk and they opened up a little more. God is slowly cracking that door open!
Mary, me, and Regina in my Russian flat

Lots of juice and water... with gas (carbonated)
This was my plate of wedding reception food.

potatoes, meat, cucumbers, tomatoes, some sort of salad, and sardines and cucumbers on mayonnaise bread. Bon appetite!

The happy couple! Oh, and by the way - the first time they kissed or HELD HANDS, hugged, or anything was on stage at the wedding!

Inside a store. Not really a mall, but just a lot of random things from clothes, shoes, fur, sinks, light fixtures, and toiletries!

The table for the wedding party

Sardines anyone?
Everyone waiting to eat
Potatoes on the way!
After the ceremony, the couple forms the greeting line and accepts flowers brought by guests.

Gallia - My Babushka! She is so sweet, and still give me candy. She found a translator and told them to tell me that she loves me because "I am her Sister in God". That makes me cry just thinking about it!
Newly remodeled stairs. No more cinder blocks at the church!
They just walk across the railroad tracks to get to the other side!

Oh I wanted to take this home! It's a type of Fox fur. It was 23,000 rubles, or roughly $1000. I almost found a way to justify buying this. How would that look in Wilmington? haha :-)
The stage decorated for the wedding. The SAME room I posted pictures of last week that was under construction!

Anxious crowd
The bride, her bridesmaid, and the groom follows behind. The parents are on state along with the preacher.
Blessing the couple
The couple, the best man holding a Russian Bible, and the father of the groom.

"serving" the ice cream - it comes in a tube! Tastes like birthday cake

Russian ambulance. Hope I don't get sick!

This is my daily route and local produce store

As I put in the email, please continue to keep us in your prayers. I can't post a lot on the website, but hopefully you are on my listserve. It's tough, but God is watching out for us. We have 3 weeks left, then back to the Good ol' USA. I will definitely kiss the ground when I return!

Sunday, we did the 45 minutes hike to the Christian church for a wedding! It was a lot like Christian weddings in America, but obviously in Russian with a few differences. Enjoy the pictures!